This movement is written in an embedded-variation of traditional ABA rondo format – the A section is, itself, in ABA format. The larger B section provides stylistic contrast to the A section through a slower, denser version of the themes of the 1st movement, given variation through different voice assignments and strong key changes. The A section returns, excerpted in the original key.

Although a lot of liberties are taken with the opening key of the A section (E minor), it returns each time it strays. Only the B section cycles through key changes (down by major 3rds – E minor, to C minor, to A flat minor, and back to E), and then only briefly, and without transitions. The use of 1st movement content is a deliberate attempt to provide some closure to that movement (it didn’t have a true recapitulation), as well as providing some cohesiveness to the entire composition.

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