This website serves as a way to display my original compositions in the so-called Classical tradition. You can read about each composition by clicking on the “Compositions” menu option, followed by a specific composition. If completed (or excerpted), you can listen there. I’ll keep you up to date with changes and new projects in the blog. There, you’re welcome to leave comments and ask questions. I’d love to hear from you!

I am a former violist and music theorist who wandered off from those disciplines as I gained employment, children, and other interests. Now that children have grown and professional obligations have ended, I am restarting this important part of my life. I returned to academic studies as a Donovan Scholar at the University of Kentucky, but now am focused on creating a portfolio of compositions using manuscript software (Avid Sibelius — see “Production technicals” for more). I do hope that I’ll be able to induce actual performance ensembles into performing these works, and, if successful, will post the results here as well. But in the meantime, these videos will have to be sufficient.

I hope that you gain as much pleasure from listening to these works as I have had in creating them.

All completed recordings are stored on my YouTube Channnel for the purpose of embedding those playbacks here. If you wish other formats (including scores/parts), see “Available Materials” above. If you are interested in the technicals of workflow design, including computer hardware and software, click “Production technicals” above.

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