I did all of this work using manuscript software Avid Sibelius (see “Production Technicals” for more), so I have all of the materials it can export, including those listed below. Any completed works have de-facto copyright secured through self-publishing, but I have no commercial publisher or copyright-owner issues. As a result, I do not ask for any compensation for their use or performance — only that you let me know what you intend to do, and share the results with me.

On my “Compositions” page, live performances are flagged with , and Sibelius video exports are flagged with , (The project pages describing my work are flagged with .) If any of the works do not have live performances available, and you lead (or have access to) a performance ensemble with an interest in providing one, please contact me. In some circumstances, I may be willing to help subsidize a first performance, if your ensemble is willing to “audit” my score — give feedback on score/parts details and other production interests in a performance setting.

If you have interest in using any of this music in support of your own artistic or commercial ventures, I’m willing to discuss that with you, but please do not ask for modifications to suit. I will be more interested in providing targeted new materials. My intent is that the works here must be considered finished products, but I’m always interested in exploring new challenges.

For all requests and questions, use the “Contact me” menu option.

Available Sibelius-exported materials (for completed works only):

  • MP3 sound files
  • WMV video files
  • PDF-printable scores
  • PDF-printable individual parts
  • Program notes