September, a Tone Poem, February 7, 2022

Here is a general outline of the work as I currently envision it. I have two very brief snippets of thematic material (less than a minute each) which should provide the basis for most of the resulting work.

Opening Theme. This opens the entire work, with the first melodic fragment carried by viola, and repeated by other voices towards a development which will focus on layered harmonics. The rapid key center changes reflect a descent by major 3rds from the original key, E♭ major. It’s melodic fragments will be modified and reused throughout the composition, especially in the first section of the “poem.”.
Second Theme. The original tempo (7/4) is exactly divided in half (to 7/8), which serves to double the speed of execution of this theme. The oboe provides the melodic statement, a slight modification of the original above, though I intend the direction of variation to be quite different.

In general, reflecting the programmatic theme, the piece will move from austere to active, more in keeping with the human implications of the time of year.

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