After creating (and updating!) my “Chapter 3: Theme Details” page, I did some brush-up on the project so far, and am reasonably confident of it up to the point where it stops.

And, yes, it stops! Here’s what you’ll hear below…

  • Thematic area # 1 – the full section in 7/4 time, which includes two musical ideas (themes #1 and 2)
  • Opening and development of thematic area #2, which includes all of the subsequent themes (#’s 3-5) mentioned in Chapter 3.

Here’s what’s missing after the more-or-less abrupt stop:

  • A full (if modified) restatement of Theme #3…which leads to…
  • A full (also modified) restatement of Theme #1. This section will serve as a sort of coda, leading to a fade-out ending the composition.

But there’s enough of the project to allow listeners to see where the various themes mentioned in Chapter 3 are going, and how they interact with each other and move the piece along. (I’m seriously considering constructing a kind-of scavenger hunt, where people look for all the instances of each theme in the finished composition. Wouldn’t that be fun? No? Maybe? 😎)

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