Je danse, J’apprends

I’ve dabbled in jigs before (see my String Quartet, Scherzo), but this time I’m just using a fast 6/8 tempo with a dance feel to it without any specific reference to any existing melody. I’ve also varied the tempo, adding occasional 9/8 measures, and a few duple figures as well, to make the dance association just a little less on-the-nose. Of course, the presence of a snare contributes a march-like feel.

As is my habit with this composition overall, this part will open with the percussionist leading the charge, but this time with the selected soft snare drum. Since that instrument has no variable pitch, the introduction references rhythmic “themes” which appear scattered through the entire movement.

This part is relatively short (about 2 1/2 minutes), as will be all the dances in the suite except the first. The short vignette is in ABAB song form, though the B section isn’t that long. I’ve built the piece using lots of pieces and parts — there is no melody per se, and the tonality moves, as is my habit, by intervals rather than progressions.

Below is the complete jig (as of 4/9/2023). As always, this is subject to change!

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