With a third story about me (at least in part) appearing online, I figured it was time to add “Media” to the website menu structure. This third one is courtesy of UK Now, the University of Kentucky’s student news publication from their media office. It really is wonderful that, thanks in no small part to the workings of people around me (wife Dee, Dr. Gary Anderson, UK’s Office of Lifelong Learning), I’m getting attention for the learning goals I’m chasing, and the things I’ve produced because of them. I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I thought I was in front of others’ eyes more than now — and at my age! It feels odd, but positive.

Of course, these media blurbs are mostly about the “how.” It is my fervent hope that I’ll be able to post stories about the “what.” It is, ultimately, the value and quality of the compositions themselves that I’m hoping will drive the attention I receive. And until I have more examples of live performances (I have one, at least!), that’s a tough row to hoe. I continue to work on that, but in the meantime, this all still feels pretty nice.

Click here to see my new Media menu item page.

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