Je danse, J’apprends — La Spagnoletta

It’s done!

OK, just the first “dance,” which is the longest of the lot. And, of course, it’s only “done” as much as all the pieces are there, and I’ve stopped working on it for the time being. I may change it slightly as I revise, but for now, La Spagnoletta is available for listening. You can hear the full marimba introduction, which is so cool! I’ve also combined it and the jig into a single export, so you can hear how the transitions played by the percussionist work as “thumbnails” of the dance that follows. (Only two dances completed — this one, and the jig — so that’s as far as that goes.)

This first dance has been quite demanding — I’ve got more than a month invested. Although structurally it’s not that complicated, I’ve spent a lot of time making sure variations of the themes are discernible within all of the rhythmic and tonal changes. Have a listen, and see what you think!

[Again, Bing’s AI image generator supplied the below, using “Dancing children in Italy abstract” as the prompt.]

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