[A reminder: this video is an electronic rendering of the score using choral samples, offered to give listeners a sense of the composition. As such, the performance doesn’t include the lyrics — see those below. When a live performance is available, I’ll be removing this video and replacing it with that.]

Like “1: Alone,” this movement is loosely “programmatic,” with a conscious attempt at connecting chords through leading melodic phrases and contrapuntal snippets, reflecting the hyperlinked world of social media.

Although largely tonal in a traditional sense, deceptive cadences at the end of each stanza (half of a verse) pushes the next into new territory. The 2nd verse, reflecting its shift in lyrical content, uses a lot of dissonance. As I frequently do, tonal centers cycle mathematically, with each stanza a minor third below the previous one. The original key (B minor) arrives in the final verse (really a coda), and is strongly affirmed, only to end with a deceptive cadence as the lyrics state that the subject has moved on.

Lyrics {tentative]:

Do I know you?
Maybe so
You reached out in the darkest night,
A small surprise, to hear, you write
Old places, friends, familiar sight,
Through ethernet, monitor glow,
You found me, and I seem to know,
But it was oh, so long ago.

Do I know you?
I don’t know
The angry words, you seem to say,
On pictures, tee shirts, overlay,
So stark when in the light of day,
As to your friends, your groups, you vent
Reveal someone so different
Was this your face-to-face intent?

Do I know you?
I don’t know,
So strange and interesting, though
It best is just to let it go

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