20-20: A Choral Suite

Work has, as of this writing (June 2021), just begun on this project, a short choral suite for four-part a capella chamber chorale (though it could also be performed by solo vocalists). When completed, there will be 5 movements in a variety of styles and subjects. I wrote all the lyrics, inspired by the challenges of the year of the pandemic from my personal perspective.

[The links to each movement above may be “stubs” — incomplete pages — until each is finished and playback is provided. In the meantime, these sketches (lyrics-only to start with) will be updated as work proceeds.]

The tonalities and harmonic structures continue in the style of my String Quartet #1 (see that page for details), though, since vocalists are less confident than instruments in handling difficult harmonic contexts and intervals, the tonal approach is somewhat more simplified with lines more singable. Movement forms primarily reflect the dictates of the lyrics — see individual movement notes for more on that.

Technical note: In the absence of a recording with real human voices, expect playback of this work to sound much more mechanical than other compositions delivered here — there isn’t a way to render a realistic vocal performance with lyrics using electronic tools. When the work is complete, I’ll be leveraging real vocalists for a recorded performance, and will post the results.

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