[A reminder: this video is an electronic rendering of the score using choral samples, offered to give listeners a sense of the composition. As such, the performance doesn’t include the lyrics — see those below. When a live performance is available, I’ll be removing this video and replacing it with that.]

Like the 1st movement, this movement is bitter-sweet. Its quiet, understated melodic feel, featuring the alto section, reflects the meaning of the lyrics, ending with a refrain that is accurate but, perhaps, forced. Tonalities, as before, shift suddenly and jarringly between keys (mostly in steps of minor thirds), but otherwise, the feeling is mostly chordal with underlying voice movement. The first verse is in A minor, but by the second the key has moved to F# minor, only to return to A minor for the last half of that verse. And in keeping with the intent of the lyrics, the final chord is a deceptive cadence to an open chord.


I hate crowded spaces,
I loath the spotlight,
I shun direct faces,
And avoid a fight.
I talk a lot to me,
But that’s no concern,
Rather be lost at sea,
Than found at each turn.

I’m lonelier in crowds
Than all alone, unheard,
Saying things out loud is
Better as written word.
But don’t be that concerned,
This year was made for me,
The rest can chase the herd,
I’m fine.
I’m fine.
I’m fine.

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