20-20: A Choral Suite “5: The Introvert”…explained

At long last, the final movement of “20-20: A Choral Suite” is complete! (Weeeell, as always, there may be minor changes, but the current version is posted and listenable. As with the other movements, I don’t have a “performance” which includes actual humans singing the words, so you’ll have to follow along with the lyrics. See the page containing the video by clicking here.

As with the first movement, there’s a lot of ambivalence in the lyrics for this one. The “introvert” describes himself in serious (not always positive) terms, but declares that one shouldn’t worry, since “this time was made for me.” The movement (and, by extension, the entire suite itself) ends with “I’m fine” being repeated enough times to imply that, maybe, he’s less so. With this quiet, understated, ambiguous movement, with a coda that fades out, the suite ends not with a bang, but with a whimper — much as one might presume the pandemic itself might end (though, of course, with this writing, it decidedly has not done so at all).

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