It’s official! My first concert performance!

It boggles the mind. I am a new composer with only three works under my belt, but in the past week I saw the 2022-23 concert season programs for the Lexington Chamber Chorale presented to its board for approval by music director Dr. Gary Anderson, and my 20-20: A Chorale Suite is on the first program, Sunday, Oct. 9, 5:00 PM! In all fairness, I have to admit that I sing in the chorale, and also sit on the board, but I have been pretty scrupulous about not being my own promoter — I only sent Dr. Anderson a link to the online delivery on my website, and included the scores themselves. He agreed to do the work on that input.

I have not yet discussed with Dr. Anderson about the possibility of recording the work, so at this moment, the only chance you have of hearing the Suite sung by real voices will be to come to the concert.

This is beyond exciting! Watch this space for further information!

The announcement in the final Lex Chamber Chorale concert program. (Wife Dee added the handwritten part.)