The Brass Variations — Variation 3: “The Pause”

This update will be short.

I’ve been madly at work, with Variation #5: “The Chase” pretty much dominating my sleep patterns and general consciousness. (Fugues tend to do that — they’re sooooo much different than most compositional formats!) But I’ve (hopefully!) completed Variation #3: “The Pause,” so I figure I was due to pass on an update.

For those who want to cut to the chase, that variation (#3) is available here. You can also listen to the full composition as it currently exists by clicking here.

I’ve also updated “The Fragments” to include the thematic fragment I use to start Variation #5, so that page is, presumably, complete at this moment, and you should use that page to track the details of my workflow.

As I always say, all of these pieces are subject to change (and when they do, the YouTube links will be replaced as old versions go dead).

I’m off to bed, where I often do my best compositional work!

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