It’s Live! 20-20: A Choral Suite!

Thanks to the Lexington Chamber Chorale under the baton of Dr. Gary Anderson, the sound recording expertise of David Muse, and the video editing work of Brice Jones, I’m proud to present the first live performance of any of my works: 20-20: A Choral Suite. This is an unbelievable achievement for me, a late-starting composer studying as a non-degree-seeking Donovan Scholar at the University of Kentucky.

I’ve also changed my website a bit to make it friendlier to those who aren’t interested in reading all the theory/composition detail stuff. The “Compositions” page now includes links which take you directly to a page displaying only the embedded video(s), and a short list of details. I am hoping that I can replace ALL of the software exports with live performances. And I’ve taken the first step towards that goal, even as I continue to write new material.

The page which displays the choral performance also includes a list of people without whom that project couldn’t happen — soloists, sound recorder, videographer, etc. Be sure to look in there!

20-20: A Choral Suite (recorded Oct. 9, 2022)

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