Je danse, J’apprends — Excerpts!

This posting will be short. Since recently I’ve been blogging about general stuff, it’s easy to assume that composing has pretty much stopped, since you have nothing you can listen to. Well, here you go! I’ve updated two of the project pages to reflect their status as of now, and have included brief excerpts of each for your listening pleasure. They’re short — since everything is very much in flux, I’m reluctant to publish anything too extensive, but at least you can get a sense of what the ensemble sounds like, and the general slant I’ve taken to the “dance” idea.

My latest contribution — a jig — uses a small snare for the percussion. Besides the marimba used in the opening movement, I’m hoping to use concert toms and at least one other percussion instrument in future additions.

I’ve been mostly focused on the jig recently, though the opening movement is more than half finished as well. As of this writing, I have at least two more vignettes planned — a fast reel, and an American rhythm bolero, though neither of those are fixed in stone yet. Happy listening!

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