September — progress so far

Yes, my orchestral composition now has a name: “September.” A full description of what that means, and what I hope to get out of writing it, can be found on the project’s home page here: September.

As promised, I’m producing a series of postings there which give snippets of progress. They are titled “Chapters” (1 and 2 so far). That’s not to imply that each page is a new chapter for the composition itself, just a series of stops in the process. You can click through the chapters, see how my thinking about the work changes over time, and hear those changes as I realize them. I’m fully aware that most people who follow my work will only be interested in finished compositions, but patience! I’ll get there! In the meantime, I’m doing things this way for those who are interested in process.

The first, “Chapter 1: Themes“, was short, and gives samples of the themes that begin each of two thematic sections I intend the composition to deliver. “Chapter 2: First Development +” displays more work, since I have more work done. It’s also just a little thicker with verbiage about the music — I spend a lot of time describing the challenges writing for a large ensemble presents, and how I attempt to resolve them, from an orchestral composer’s point of view. Most will just want to hear the progress, and I’ve included a much longer excerpt there.

You have no idea how much fun I’m having! I’m loving it all!

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