September: The Jigsaw in Pieces

Enormous progress has been made on the composition, but I’m a bit reluctant to post a complete rendering of where I am — there are flaws, and I hate to display flaws! I’m vain! So I figured now is a good time to be a bit more nuts-and-bolts about how I’m building this work. The resultant verbiage has quick playback examples of the musical ideas (themes) I’m using, with some discussion of how they relate to each other, and the finished product (when it, in fact, exists). It may seem technical, but as a perennial educator, my approach has always been to provide something accessible to everyone, if you have the time for the read (and listen). Take a look in “Chapter 3: Theme Details.

By the way — I probably should have put “September” in quotes throughout, since I’m not referencing the month so much as the orchestral tone poem I’ve called that. Don’t get confused! It’s currently March! (And I’m not marching, either!)

This is fun!

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