September: The Pieces in Place (but unfinished!)

I couldn’t stand it. I spent a lot of time building a collection of thematic ideas, extracted from my “September” project on the project’s “Chapter 3: Theme Details” page. But that was quite unsatisfying — a little like giving someone 5 chocolate chips and asking them to imagine what a chocolate cake tastes like. Well, the cake still is a ways from being iced and displayed, but there’s enough of it to make looking for those pieces of chocolate at least entertaining! I’ve done enough work on the project to at least help me overcome my fear of having flawed work on display. Have a listen on “Chapter 4: The Project So Far.” I’ve said it there, I’ll say it here: the thing stops abruptly, and I’ll be updating some content as I continue to work. But at least you can get a good sense of how the pieces will fit together!

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