Thanks to everyone who came!

Well, it’s done! “20-20: A Choral Suite” was performed in its entirety last Sunday evening by the Lexington Chamber Chorale, receiving a standing ovation and the praise of a huge number of attendees. I am so humbled, and appreciative for all who came to witness this exciting event. Look below for a list of many of the people I need to single out for thank-yous!

Probably the most frequent observation I heard was “That work is sooooo you, Jeff!” That, frankly, is very high praise — not because my personal “bar” is all that high (!!), but because that really was my intent. This, from my score’s “From the Composer” blurb (also appearing in the program): “This work represents the intersection of a variety of forces — blank time, unusual events, personal experiences, and a driving interest in self-expression — all brought together by the events associated with the pandemic of 2020. It is a portrayal of these forces from my own persecutive.” Besides the obvious examples (“2: Shopping” which we all experienced!), I was proud that my grandgirls recognized their direct input into “4: Kindergarten.” (It didn’t hurt that I mentioned my youngest by name!) Having the lyrics I wrote for this work read before each movement contributed hugely to that impact.

Yes, there will be a recording available, as soon as I can gather and edit all of the media involved. It’ll be a performance video.

Here’s a partial list of the people without whom this event would not have been possible:

  • Dee Beeler Jones, my life partner who has been supportive throughout, and who produced a wonderful celebratory reception after the performance.
  • Dr. Gary Anderson, whose decision to provide a performance outlet for this complex work in the Lexington Chamber Chorale’s regular concert schedule was an act of courage and faith!
  • Dr. Mark Wright, who provided a first-rate “dramatic reading” of each movement’s lyric set before each musical rendering.
  • Brice Jones (my youngest son), who recorded video of my piece’s performance, and will contribute technical and visual editing support for the final video (to come!).
  • The Chorale — the work, as Dr. Anderson stated, was “demanding!” The chorale stepped up and put their all-in. I especially thank the several soloists who took on special roles in this performance. I’ll be specifically identifying them when the performance video is released.

More coming!