Off We Go Again! — “The Brass Variations”

I am finding way too much entertainment value from the process of writing music. Following on the heels of the successful premiere of my “20-20: A Choral Suite,” I’ve begun work on yet another composition. But just so’s I don’t get bored and lethargic, I’ve chosen a completely different, and relatively unfamiliar, ensemble for this piece — a brass quintet. Although I enjoyed creating a meaningful lyric set for “20-20,” it’s always nice to return to instrumental music, where the “words” are only notes. And, as you can read on this project’s home page, that process is amazingly similar (and, for me, way more complex) than simply putting subject and verb together.

Charting my workflow has become at least part of the passion I bring to this website, and, like my orchestral tone poem “September,” that’s what I’ll be doing this time around. As of this moment I’ve got a partial design for this single-movement piece, but have only gotten a good start at writing it. Since this composition is, inherently, a collection of individual parts strung together, its format is perfect for delivering it in chunks as I work. Want to be able to look over the shoulder of a composer while he works? Look no further!

Since my composition teacher, Patrick Valentino, is, in fact, a trumpet player, I’m learning LOTS about how to write for it and other brass instruments. I’m hoping that those lessons will be visible in the composition as I move forward. I am a composer, but, as is true of all such pursuits, I am also a student of composition, so this piece will be yet another stepping-stone on my journey. As literally thousands of philosophical sound bytes and Internet memes state, it isn’t the arrival but the journey that gives the most pleasure and value. I am so very proud that my “20-20: A Choral Suite” represents a very satisfying “arrival,” but I’m off again, back on the road, seeing where it takes me next.

Go to “The Brass Variations” home page to follow along.